Protestant and Reformed

What is the difference between Protestant and Reformed? It might be a basic question but I'll be glad to know the answer.

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Good question Vincent. By definition, "protestants" are believers who reject the roman catholic teachings and practices with regards to the Pope's claims of authority, infallibility and lineage, prayers to the saints, of the priestly sacrifice of the Mass, rejection of the scriptures as the sole authority in the Church, the mediation of the saints and Mary and the teaching of salvation by grace & works. This protest is summarized by the the five solas which are Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Christ Alone, Scripture Alone and the glory of God alone. On the other hand, Reformed is a system of theology which is particularly concerned with the absolute sovereignty of God in the economy of salvation that begins in eternity past with the Father's unconditional election, the Son's particular redemption of the elect and the Holy Spirit's effectual work in calling the elect to a belief of the Gospel and a trusting in Christ for their salvation alone. Being reformed involves a understanding the nature of the natural man and being completely dead in the sins as a result of the fall and also recognizing that regenerate believers are sustained in their salvation entirely and only by the grace and power of the Trinitarian God. I hope that helps.

Thanks Paul for the great answer. I understood the difference b/w Catholicism and Protestant, Reformers. It helps alot.