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Unless I am convinced by scripture and by plain reason, I do not accept accept the authority of the popes and counsels, for the have often contradicted each other. I cannot, and will not recant anything. For to do so is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other. Help me God
— Martin Luther before the Diet of Worms

500 Years ago, a spark was lit in the heart of Europe that fanned the flames of Christian conviction, boldness, fortitude and courage that recovered the Christian faith from mysticism and superstition and ushered in an age of freedom, truth, and clarity in the lives of many believers.

The Reformation was about the unrivaled and undisputed centrality of God in every aspect of salvation, namely:

  1. The centrality of Faith as the means of the sinner’s justification before God.
  2. The centrality of God’s matchless Grace in the salvation of undeserving sinners.
  3. The centrality of Christ as the author and cornerstone of our salvation.
  4. The centrality of the Word of God in its truth, authority, power, and rule of faith in the life of all believers.
  5. The centrality of God’s glory in the remarkable salvation of every believer.

Yet, for many today, that flame has been forgotten. The eternal realities that were present in the lives of many are now but lost or counted as nothing. In exchange for the bold conviction of truth, relativism and apathy has taken root. Rather than unwavering faith in God, man has taken center stage and codified his autonomy and independence of God. The clear proclamation of the Gospel has been substituted with man-centered ideologies and philosophies that do nothing to awaken people to their need for Christ in the hope of the Gospel.

Introducing RuggedReformers | A social network for people passionate about the Gospel and the legacy of the Reformation

RuggedReformers is a social network created to inspire a Reformed awakening that is rooted in the supremacy of Christ and the preeminence of the Gospel. We believe that we have a legacy to honor and just like those who have gone before us, we are driven by the same cry of the Five Solas of the Reformation — by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, In Christ Alone, according to the Scriptures alone to the praise of God’s glory alone.

Our desire is to bring together a global community of Christians who hold a God-centered outlook that sees God as the source, and means, and end, in everything.

Creeds & Confessions

We stand on the shoulders of Christian giants, embracing the same doctrinal convictions regarding who God is and what He has done in redemption history as the believers of old. Our beliefs are beautifully captured in the creeds and confessions of the church. We are Trinitarian, Theocentric, Monergistic, Christocentric, and Calvinistic.

We recognize that it has taken time for precious truths of the Bible to be clearly articulated by Godly men and women throughout the history of the church and therefore embrace on their clear and concise understanding of the overarching narrative and summary of the Christian Faith.

Home Feeds

The home feed a clean and modern view that enables you to browse Godly content from the public or other users whom you follow. Users are able to create new content like sermons, books, videos, music, bible versions, photos or link external resources.

Home feeds

With a design that balances content and a great user experience, the left sidebar has been set up to make navigating RuggedReformers effortless. You can quickly jump between your profile page, messages, groups, forums, and a post-filter tag that view content particular post categories from the public or just from users you are following.

The “Discover new users” section lets users find other people to connect with on RuggedReformers. Also, you can easily send an invite to multiple people using their email to have them join.

The “latest activities” module provides insight into the latest activities by users across RuggedReformers from new users signups to follow connections and new posts as well. This is also a quick way to welcome new users on the platform by leaving them a profile note.

Popular Forums this week” lets you browse the most active and commented on Forum that week. This is also a great way to engage with other users questions and also discover other forum topics or categories.


The aim of RuggedReformers is to create a bridge between other believers through godly content that edifies, encourages and challenges believers in their walk. Posts are regulated based on the doctrinal convictions of the platform and the highest standard is maintained to ensure that all content aligns to these convictions.


Profiles are a great way to get to know other users on the platform. You can browse their shared content as well as subscribe to be notified of any new content created by them.


Users on RuggedReformers can easily send messages to other people on the platform through private chat as well as organize group chats. One thing that sets our messaging apart from other popular social network is the fact that you can edit and/or delete sent messages which will disappear everywhere and no longer available to the conversion participants.

Reformed Forums

The first of its kind, the reformed forums make it easy for you to ask questions, get answers, contribute and become part of a growing reformed community. Hard and challenging questions are welcome and encouraged as our desire is that precious truths would be known and cherished by all who come to our platform.

User Groups

Groups enable you to create and discover community spaces for people with similar interests and passion as yourself. This is a great place to dig deeper into the RuggedReformers community and connect with other users as well as share common content.

Subscription-based | Ad free

For a long time, subscription-based social networks have been an uphill challenge against the expectation of free digital media. Fortunately, there has been a radical growth in understanding that when digital platforms and services are offered to us for free, we end up being the actual product. Therefore, RuggedReformers stands independently and is driven by a desire to have a sustainable and edifying platform for all Reformers.

RuggedReformers is free for 30 days with no payment information required for that period and after that, only $5 / user per month. Join us today.

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