How is the study of Church History relevant today?

Trying to capture some compelling reasons for investing the time in studying church history. Besides the fact that it is the history of Christ's Bride, can we articulate good reasons for engaging in this?

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Yes! Its a blessing to know about the church history how faithful they were. And It goes to missionaries who inspired by the word of God and went as missionaries to the ends of the world. For example India if you look at William Carey who translated Bible into several languages so that could read and know what is truth. He educated people and he even translated the Hindu So called divine books into many languages so that people can understand the deception in it. In his time in India, if the husband dies they used to throw wife as well into the fire where dad husband was burning. He educated them and he lost his family but he was a light to people who were living in darkness. I love his ministry. Praise the Lord for his ministry.

Hi Vincent. That was very encouraging. Many people, including myself, are not aware of how God has worked tremendously in the Eastern world. If we look over the last 2000 years, we can find amazing stories of grace, faithfulness, perseverance and hope. For me, I've loved reading Foxe's book of Martyrs that recounts the life and death of those believers, who did not hold back even their own lives in the cause of Christ and His gospel. Beginning with the 12 apostles, to the early church fathers down to the pre-reformation years up to the 18th century. I'm sure much will be written concerning the 21st century church as well if Christ tarrys a little longer.